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How to Prepare Level 2 Olympiads Along With School Studies

Juggling between Level 2 Olympiads exams such as NSO, IEO, IMO and school exams is not an easy task, very few marvels in it. First of all, MTG team congratulates all the students who qualified Level 1 of the SOF Olympiads exam and appear for second level that is NSO, IEO, IMO. Every year millions of students appeared for SOF Level 1 Olympiads from more than 1400 cities and 42800 schools across the globe but very less percentage of students qualified in Level 2 and eligible for prices.

Most of the parents take Olympiad exams as an extra burden to their child along with school studies. They believe that it hampers their child’s studies and lower down his/her grades in school exams. But remember, Olympiads not only help in building a student’s confidence but also help in testing his/her own ability and allow to self-assess his/her strength and weak areas in different subjects.

Preparation for Level 2 Olympiads along with school studies needs more efforts and hard work. You need to refer to different books, solve questions that are a little off, and tougher, compared to school exam questions. You may also need to devote a little more time and work harder! Level 2 tend to test the application of what is taught in the curriculum, rather than simple questions asked in Level 1 Olympiads. Here is how you can prepare for Level 2 Olympiads along with school studies.

Plan your Study Time Wisely!

Benjamin Franklin once rightly said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Before you start your study, make sure you planned your time accordingly. A time table must be made in which the syllabus of school and Level 2 Olympiads can be studied simultaneously. Apart from school studies, invest an additional few hours, say two to three every day for Level 2 Olympiad preparation. Preparing for both exams together in this way will be both time-saving and efficient.

Know The Pattern of Your Exam

When you’re preparing for Level 2 exam, it is necessary that you must know the pattern of exam. The questions in Level 2 Olympiads are of varying levels of difficulty. From the number of questions to the format of the questionnaire, you must be aware of all the relevant facts of level 2 pattern. Level 2 Olympiad pattern is totally different from your school exams and follows an objective type pattern rather than subjective type of questions pattern. You can visit the official website of science Olympiad foundation www.sofworld.org to learn the Level 2 exam pattern of each Olympiad vizNSO, IEO, IMO.


To prepare efficiently for Level 2 Olympiad, only studying is not enough! Timing yourself to assess your own area of strengths and weaknesses to determine where you need to put more effort and where isn’t necessary. A student should try to get their hands on as many sample papers and previous years’ question papers as they can and attempt to solve them. As MTG publications is the content partner for SOF, so it will be best to use their study materials. MTG offers Previous years papersOlympiad Skill Development System (OSDS), Mock Test Series to prepare you excellent for level 2 Olympiads.

Keep Yourself Away From Distracting Things

Avoid logging in to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat while you are preparing for Level 2 because engaging in such activities may steals your concentration. You should turn off your electronic devices while you are studying, switch it on only when you are taking a break or when you are done. You’d be shocked at how well you can focus on your studies if you leave your phone off or put in a different room! Just rethink about your goal because later you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the things you missed out during your preparation.

Concentrate on Common Topics

The most effective way to prepare Level 2 Olympiad along with school studies is to study smart. Study the Level 2 related topics taught by the teacher at school with more concentration and try to correlate them. That way, solving problems in school becomes easier. In case the topic being taught at the school and your Level 2 preparation are same, try to finish it. Build basics of that topic, which will help you in your school exams, while solving the higher order thinking questions will be beneficial for Level 2 exams.

With these points in mind, you should find the right balance between your School studies and Level 2 Olympiad preparations.

Good Luck!