Aptitude Test and Interest Inventory


It is a psychometric test that works on the area of abstract knowledge and creative thinking of the students. It allows students to understand their future goals.This assessment comprises of 415 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes. This test is suitable for class 9th students and onwards.

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APTITUDE TEST AND INTEREST INVENTORY is a psychometric test designed to reassure a student’s potential ability. This test has been developed to predict educability and performance of the student in areas such as music, art, law, medicine, clerical & mechanical occupations etc.

After completing the test, you will get a report which consist of detailed analysis of each section of the test along with your scores and performance index. The report will tell you what better you can do on your areas of improvement.

The result analysis and the suggestive measures in the report will help you:

1. Understand the strength and weaknesses in terms of various subjects.

2. Make a safe and secure career choice

3. Will perform well in your own (best suited) subject and score high.

4. Understand your potential for self-analysis

5. Prepare for successful future.

ISBN13 EP201800358
Edition 2019-20
Classes Class 10
Exams Psychometric Test


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