Higher Algebra-Hall and Knight


The book consists of theory with definitions and examples followed by practice questions. Answers are given at the end of the book. Useful for classes 11 & 12/ JEE Main & Advanced and other PETs.

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MTG’s ORIGINAL MASPTERPIECE is a series of collection of books that started their journey as best sellers and continue as a chart-topper generation after generation. Even today these books are considered as a masterpiece among the teachers and students fraternity which is passionate about the subject.

The USP of MTG’s ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE Series lies in the fact that the work has been reproduced from the Original artifact and remains as true to the original work as possible.

The full solutions are provided to help students reaching the right answer systematically.

The student will find the book most useful if he uses it actively, that is to say, if he studies the relevant theoretical material carefully before going on to the worked-out solutions, and finally reinforces the newly-acquired knowledge by solving the problems given for independent work. The best results will be obtained when the student, having mastered the theoretical part, immediately attacks the unsolved problems without referring to the text solutions unless in difficulty.

Table of Contents:  
  • 01 Ratio
  • 02 Proportion
  • 03 Variation
  • 04 Arithmetical Progression
  • 05 Geometrical Progression
  • 06 Harmonical Progression.
  • 07 Scales of Notation
  • 08 Surds and Imaginary Quantities
  • 09 The Theory of Quadratic Equations
  • 10 Miscellaneous Equations
  • 11 Permutations and Combinations
  • 12 Mathematical Induction
  • 13 Binomial Theorem. Positive Integral Index
  • 14 Binomial Theorem. Any Index
  • 15 Multinomial Theorem
  • 16 Logarithms
  • 17 Exponential and Logarithmic Series
  • 18 Interest and Annuities
  • 19 Inequalities
  • 20 Limiting Values and Vanishing Fractions
  • 21 Convergency and Divergency of Series
  • 22 Undetermined Coefficients
  • 23 Partial Fractions
  • 24 Recurring Series
  • 25 Continued Fractions
  • 27 Recurring Continued Fractions
  • 28 Indeterminate Equations of the Second Degree
  • 29 Summation of Series
  • 30 Theory of Numbers
  • 31 The General Theory of Continued Fractions
  • 33 Determinants
  • 34 Miscellaneous Theorems and Examples
  • 35 Theory of Equations
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ISBN11 9789385966675
Edition 2016
Pages 544
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams School Books
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 464gm


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