The Elements of Statics and Dynamics Part-2


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MTG’s “The Elements of Statistics & Dynamics Part-2” by S. L. Loney is an essential study resource for student’s preparing for competitive exams and need to polish their mathematics skill. This is a simplified book for easy conceptual grasp for students preparing for advanced competitive exams. With vast varied of complex and advanced question and answers, it ensures and thorough preparation.

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MTG’s “The Elements of Statistics & Dynamics Part-2” book is a concise and comprehensive book that covers the principles and concepts of statics and dynamics in a clear and orderly manner. It offers a deep understanding of the subject through numerous solved examples and exercises, making it an essential resource for students and professionals in the field of physics and engineering. It is fully solved book consisting authentic and simplified content for easy grasp along.

It is beneficial for students preparing for:

  • JEE
  • KCET
  • KEAM
Table of Contents:--
  • 1.  Velocity
  •                Parallelogram of Velocities
  •                 Relative Velocity
  •                 Angular Velocity
  • 2.   Acceleration..
  •                 Parallelogram of Accelerations
  •                 Relations between u, f, v, s, and t.
  •                 Graphic Method
  • 3.   Motion Under Gravity
  •                 Galileo’s Experiment.
  •                 Motion down a smooth inclined plane
  •                 Lines of quickest descent
  • 4.  The Laws of Motion
  •                 The relation P = mf
  •                 Physical Independence of Forces
  •                 Parallelogram of Forces
  • 5.  The Laws of Motion (Continued).
  •           Application to Simple Problems
  •                 Motion of two particles connected by a string.
  •                 Motion on a rough inclined plane
  •                 Atwood’s Machine..
  • 6.  Impulse, Work and Energy.
  •                 Motion of a shot and gun.
  •                 Conservation of Energy
  •                 Motion of the centre of inertia of a system of particles.
  • 7.  Projectiles.
  •                 Range on an inclined plane.
  •                 Theoretical Proof that the path is a parabola.
  •                 Experimental Proof.
  • 8.  Collision of Elastic Bodies.
  •                 Impact on a fixed plane.
  •                 Direct impact of two spheres.
  •                 Oblique impact of two spheres
  •                 Loss of Kinetic Energy by Impact
  • 9.  The Hodograph and Normal Accelerations
  •                 The Conical Pendulum..
  •                 Motion of a railway carriage on a curved portion
  •                 of the railway line.
  •                 Rotating sphere.
  • 10. Motion on a Smooth Curve Under the Action of Gravity.
  •                 Galileo’s Experiment.
  •                 Motion on the outside of a vertical circle.
  •                 Motion in a vertical circle.
  •                 Newton’s Experimental Law.
  • 11.  Simple Harmonic Motion, Pendulums.
  •                 Time of oscillation of a simple pendulum.
  •                 Experimental Verification.
  •                 Determination of g by means of a simple pendulum.
  • 12. Units and Dimensions.
  •           Verification of formulae by means of counting the dimensions.
  •           Table of Dimensions and Values of Fundamental
  •           Quantities.
  • 13.  Vectors.
  •           Miscellaneous Examples.
  •           Answers
ISBN13 9789355559067
Author S.L LONEY
Edition 2024-25
Pages 252
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams JEE Mains-Advanced, Regional Ent. Exams-Engg
Subjects Mathematics, Physics
Weight 214gm


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