Objective Karnataka CET Physics Book For 2025 KCET Exam with 10 Previous Years Solved Question Papers

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MTG has released the updated 2025 edition of Objective Karnataka CET to assist students in thorough preparation for the KCET 2025 exam. The book contains over 6500+ MCQs from the most recent I & II PUC textbooks, as well as questions from the past 10 years with a detailed analysis of trends from 2015-2024. The book provides a thorough explanation of the updated syllabus, including illustrations, self-tests, and concept maps for better understanding. It also includes three levels of exercises, 3 mock test papers for practice, and detailed solutions for all exercises to track progress.

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MTG 2024 revised edition of Objective Karnataka CET is created to facilitate your KCET 2025 winning preparation and practice. This is a comprehensive book with a huge question bank to ensure a smooth ride to your engineering dream.

The salient features of the book.

  • 6500+ MCQs extracted from each line of the latest I & II PUC textbooks.
  • Previous 10 years’ (2015-2024) of questions with their topic-wise trend analysis.
  • Comprehensive theory of the latest syllabus for deeper understanding.
  • Adorned with illustrations, self-tests and concept maps for conceptual clarity.
  • Comprises 3 levels of exercises – KCET Connect – Level- 1 Topic-wise Exercises, KCET Ready – Level – 2 Chapter-wise Exercises & KCET Exam Archive – Level – 3 Exercises.
  • 3 Mock test papers are also provided with the book for exam-like practice.
  • Completed with the detailed solutions of all the exercises for progress checking.
  • Chapter-wise answer keys of all questions to quick answer check.
Table of Content:-
  • I PUC
  • Units and Measurement
  • Motion in a Straight Line
  • Motion in a Plane
  • Laws of Motion
  • Work, Energy and Power
  • System of Particles and Rotational Motion
  • Gravitation
  • Mechanical Properties of Solids
  • Mechanical Properties of Fluids
  • Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Oscillations
  • Waves
  • Hints & Explanations
  • II PUC
  • Electric Charges and Fields
  • Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  • Current Electricity
  • Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • Magnetism and Matter
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Alternating Current
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  • Wave Optics
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • Atoms
  • Nuclei
  • Semiconductor Electronics : Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
  • Mock Test Papers 1-3
  • Hints & Explanations
ISBN13 9789360233921
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2024-25
Pages 1194
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams Regional Ent. Exams-Engg
Subjects Physics
Weight 1912gm

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