SSC Tier-1 CHSL 25 Practice Sets


MTG’s SSC Tier-I CHSL 25 Practice Sets contains 20 Practice sets based on exam pattern and 5 solved papers of from the year 2016.  Hints and Explanations have been given at the end of each model set for comprehensive understanding of the concepts.

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MTG’s SSC Tier-I CHSL 25 Practice Sets is an ultimate practice book designed for those who have a desire of cracking SSC CHSL exam with maximum score and to unlocking a seat into prestigious government job profile at a young age. The book contains 20 Practice sets and 5 solved papers of last year’ 2016 SSC CHSL Tier-I exam. The questions covered in these practice sets has been designed as per the latest examination pattern issued by SSC.

In order to strategize your exam preparation, the book comprehensively covers section wise Strategy to Succeed in SSC CGL Examination, details of exam followed by previous year analysis of SSC CHSL 2016 that can give you the impetus required to ace this exam. Detailed analysis of each test with expected cut-off, ideal attempts and the level of each question has been provided at the end of every Model Practice Set. Answers with Hints and Explanations have been given at the end of each model set for comprehensive understanding of the concepts.



Table of Content:-
  • About the Exam
  • Previous Year Analysis (SSC CHSL 2016)
  • Strategy for Success in SSC CHSL Examination
  • Sample Analysis of Model Test
  • Based on SSC CHSL Pattern
  • 1. Model Practice Set-1
  • 2. Model Practice Set-2
  • 3. Model Practice Set-3
  • 4. Model Practice Set-4
  • 5. Model Practice Set-5
  • 6. Model Practice Set-6
  • 7. Model Practice Set-7
  • 8. Model Practice Set-8
  • 9. Model Practice Set-9
  • 10. Model Practice Set-10
  • 11. Model Practice Set-11
  • 12. Model Practice Set-12
  • 13. Model Practice Set-13
  • 14. Model Practice Set-14
  • 15. Model Practice Set-15
  • 16. Model Practice Set-16
  • 17. Model Practice Set-17
  • 18. Model Practice Set-18
  • 19. Model Practice Set-19
  • 20. Model Practice Set-20
  • Previous Year Papers
  • 1. Solved Paper 2016 (Tier-1)
  • 2. Solved Paper 2016 (Tier-1)
  • 3. Solved Paper 2016 (Tier-1)
  • 4. Solved Paper 2016 (Tier-1)
  • 5. Solved Paper 2016 (Tier-1)
ISBN13 9789387747524
Author Ms.Nivedita, Ms.Aakanksha
Edition 2018-19
Pages 236
Classes Others
Exams Others
Subjects English
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