NEET success blueprint

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NEET success blueprint is a story of future doctor Mr Pradhyumn Singh. The story tells that if the determinations are strong nothing is impossible. It is a source of motivation for those who were not able to clear their PMT in their first attempt. This books give them a learning that constant efforts never go in vain. Students taking NEET for the first time will be benefitted by getting the experience from Pradhyumn story that what are practices which they should avoid and hence increase their chance of selection in first attempt.  The author points out various ways by which one can overcome defeat, hardships and keep on the righteous track to succeed.

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Table of Content
  • Prologue
  • 1 Self–Made Failure
  • 2. It’s Time to Decide
  • 3. How to Go About It?
  • 4. Different Personalities, Different Ways
  • 5. Self-Study – The Best Method
  • 6. The Basics of Learning
  • 7. Success Psychology
  • 8. Cracking Board Exams
  • 9. Get The Ideal Timing In Your Exam!
  • 10. Tips For Students Preparing For PMTs
  • 11. For Students Taking PMT This Year
  • 12. For Repeater PMT-Aspirants
  • 13. Rank Improvement
  • 14. 6–Month Strategy for PMTs
  • 15. Revision Plan
  • 16. The Eleventh Hour Tactics
  • 17. So What?
  • 18. Time Management Tips
  • 19. Late-Night Exams Preparation and its Effects
  • 20. The Genius of My Guru
  • 21. Forget PMTs, Learn Life!
  • 22. Competitive Exams for Biology Students Epilogue
ISBN13 9789385966965
Edition 2016
Pages 124
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams NEET, Regional Ent. Exams-Med.
Subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Weight 118gm


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