Interactive Physics-Volume IV

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The fourth volume of Interactive Physics covers the Work, Power and Energy sections from Mechanics. The objective of this book is to prepare students to learn how to take care of issues based on the application. This book trains how to utilize concepts and application methods to solve questions.

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The fourth volume of Interactive Physics coves the remaining portions of Mechanics – work, power and energy. This volume incorporates Concepts, Application Methods and Misconceptions with solutions in worked out examples on the basis of application methods. The objective is to ensure that the students lean how to solve problems based on the application methods. This book teaches how to use the concepts and application methods to solve examples.

This book is meant for students and users who want to improve their understanding of physics. Students can use this book can be used of IIT JEE, JIPMER, NEET, AIIMS and other exam preparation.

Table of Contents :
  • A. Why this Book
  • 1. How to use this book
  • 2. Work, Power, Energy - Concepts
  • 3. Application Methods
  • 4. Real Life Applications
  • 5. Worked-Out Examples
  • 6. Test 1
  • 7. Test 2
  • 8. Solutions - Test 1
  • Test 2
  • 9. Remediation Table
  • 10. Misconceptions
ISBN13 9789386634139
Author R. Ravi, P.Kamaraj, R.Ranganathan
Edition 2017-18
Pages 222
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams JEE Mains-Advanced, National Medical Ent., Regional Ent. Exams-Engg, Regional Ent. Exams-Med., School Books
Subjects Physics
Weight 248gm


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