International English Olympiad Work Book-Class 1


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IEO Workbook is a Chapter wise workbook containing a variety of questions for Olympiad preparation. The questions inside the book are graded from basic to achievers’ level in the form of the HOTS section. A Solved 2021 International English Olympiad exam paper is also included for a better understanding of exam patterns.

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MTG’s IEO Olympiad Workbooks are curated ideally to help the students prepare for the upcoming International English Olympiad. MTG’s IEO Workbook contains chapter-wise MCQs to assist students in the preparation of the SOF IEO exam. The Multiple-Choice Question Bank is divided into general questions and the achiever’s section.
The Workbook comprises the latest previous year paper to ideate students about the exam pattern. The Workbook is equipped with OMR sheets after each chapter to ensure that the students get well versed with the idea of filling the OMR sheet. MTG’s IEO Workbook is created in an interactive language so that the students remain indulged in the process of learning till the last.

Table of Content :
  • Chapter 1 : Jumbled Letters; Identify the Word from the Picture
  • Chapter 2 : Words and their Meanings
  • Chapter 3 : Words and their Opposites
  • Chapter 4 : Feminine and Masculine; One and Many
  • Chapter 5 : Word Pairs and Odd One Out
  • Chapter 6 : Animals : Their Babies, Sounds and Groups
  • Chapter 7 : Nouns
  • Chapter 8 : Pronouns
  • Chapter 9 : Verbs
  • Chapter 10 : Articles
  • Chapter 11 : Prepositions
  • Chapter 12 : Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Chapter 13 : Comprehension (Prose and Poetry)
  • Chapter 14 : Spoken and Written Expression; Punctuation
  • SOF International English Olympiad – 2021
ISBN11 9789355551962
Author Zarrin Ali Khan
Edition 2022-23
Pages 48
Classes Class 1
Exams Olympiads
Subjects English
Weight 76gm


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