Class 2 Mathematics Olympiad Previous 5 Years Papers


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Olympiad previous years papers book for IMO, Class – 2 is a thoughtful guide explicitly created for exceptional minds and IMO Olympiad aspirants. The Olympiads exam papers will undoubtedly help students understand the International Mathematics Olympiad pattern. The books contain 10 previous years’ papers from Sets A and B (2021-2017), 2 model test papers, answer keys with explanations for all questions, sample OMR sheets after each paper, and chapter-by-chapter analysis for all papers.


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Olympiad previous years papers book for International Mathematics Olympiad, Class – 2 is a practice and sample paper book for students preparing to take the IMO Olympiads. The book was carefully curated by Math experts for students who want to analyze their Math, reasoning skills, or arithmetic knowledge and improve their preparation for the Mathematics Olympiad. The practice papers will help boost students’ confidence and let them know where they lack. Furthermore, all of the previous five years’ practice papers will assist students in becoming acquainted with the exam pattern, typology, and required knowledge for IMO.

  • The book contains 10 Olympiad papers of 5 previous years (Set A & B) for IMO which helps stir the students’ minds to amplify their knowledge set in Mathematics.
  • 2 Model test papers for rigorous practice and self-assessment to help them track their progress.
  • It contains sample OMR sheets after each practice paper.
  • It provides chapter-wise analysis after all papers to elaborate concepts to help students strengthen their arithmetic core.
  • The book has answer keys to all 12 practice papers questions with hints and explanations.
Table of Content:
  • IMO SET-A (2021-22)
  • IMO SET-B (2021-22)
  • IMO SET-A (2020-21)
  • IMO SET-B (2020-21)
  • IMO SET-A (2019-20)
  • IMO SET-B (2019-20)
  • IMO SET-A (2018-19)
  • IMO SET-B (2018-19)
  • IMO SET-A (2017-18)
  • IMO SET-B (2017-18)
  • IMO Model Test Paper-1
  • IMO Model Test Paper-2
  • Hints & Solutions
ISBN11 EP201800446
Classes Class 2
Exams Olympiads Level 1
Subjects Mathematics