Class 5 Science Practice-cum-Workbook Solution


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This ebook contains only the detailed solutions of questions available in the Science Practices cum Workbook for class 5. The book is available only in SOFT COPY format. The download link will become active only after making successful payment. Please note that no HARD COPY will be sent through shipping for these ebooks.

For questions please refere the  Science Practice-cum-Workbook Class 5

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  • 1. Reproduction in Plants
  • 2. Adaptations in Animals
  • 3. Bones and Muscles
  • 4. The Nervous System
  • 5. Nutrition and Health
  • 6. Our Safety
  • 7. Matter
  • 8. Rocks, Minerals and Soil
  • 9. Simple Machines
  • 10. Air and Water
  • 11. Sun, Moon and Planets
  • 12. Natural Disasters
  • 13. Environmental Issues
ISBN13 EP201800070
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 19
Classes Class 5
Exams Olympiads, Olympiads Level 1
Subjects Science


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