10 Years CBSE Champion Chapterwise-Topicwise- Accountancy-Class 12


10 Years CBSE Champion Chapterwise-Topicwise- Accountancy – Class 12 book comprises of
Topic wise graphical analysis to get the hint of topic weightage. It consists of theory with a wide range of previous years questions segregated chapter wise and topic wise. 5 practice papers are also included.

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MTG has come up with fully revised edition of 10 Years CBSE Champion Chapter-wise topic-wise –Accountancy as per the latest CBSE curriculum for academic year 2019-20. This book is designed to equip students with practice material including previous 10 years’ CBSE Board paper questions. It will give students comprehensive knowledge of the subject according to the latest syllabus and pattern of CBSE Board Examination. This book is helpful in imparting a clear and vivid understanding of the subject.

Salient features  of the book are comprehensive & lucid theory, topic-wise graphical analysis (VSA, SA I, SA II, LA, ET), chapter-wise & topic-wise questions and answers (CBSE Delhi, All India, Foreign and Compartment papers), Project work, separate section for case study question, value based questions, practice papers as per CBSE blueprint and solved CBSE sample papers with marking scheme.

This book helps students in achieving success in CBSE Board exams.

Table of Content:-
  • Part - A
  • 1. Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • 2. Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concepts
  • 3. Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm: Admission of a Partner
  • 4. Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm: Retirement/Death of a Partner
  • 5. Dissolution of Partnership Firm
  • Part - B
  • 1. Accounting for Share Capital
  • 2. Issue and Redemption of Debentures
  • 3. Financial Statements of a Company
  • 4. Analysis of Financial Statements
  • 5. Accounting Ratios
  • 6. Cash Flow Statement
  • Practice Papers
  • Practice Paper - 1 (Solved)
  • Practice Paper - 2 (Solved)
  • Practice Paper - 3 (Solved)
  • Practice Paper - 4 (Solved)
  • Practice Paper - 5 (Solved)
ISBN13 9789389167221
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2019-20
Pages 408
Classes Class 12
Exams CBSE Boards
Subjects Accounts
Weight 468gm


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