MTG CBSE Chapterwise Instant Notes Class 12 Physics – Quick Recap Notes and Complete Coverage of Latest CBSE Syllabus 2024

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MTG presents a new resource to help CBSE board students with this masterpiece – Chapterwise Instant Notes. This book is the best revision resource for CBSE students as it has instant chapter-wise notes for complete latest CBSE syllabus. The book comprises chapter-wise quick recap notes and then a lot of subjective questions which covers the whole chapter in the form of these questions.

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The all new CBSE resource – Chapterwise Instant Notes is based on the new, revised and rationalized CBSE syllabus. This book ensures that CBSE students have the perfect revision material right by their side. After preparing the whole chapter and finishing the practice, it’s not possible and nor is it feasible for students to go through the whole chapter again in the name of revision. Therefore, it’s best if they stick to a small book that provides them quick revision whenever they want.

  • Quick recap notes in each chapter.
  • Complete chapter presented in the form of subjective questions.
  • Complete coverage of the latest CBSE syllabus.
  • The long questions and answers cover the whole chapter in a thorough manner.
Table of Content:- CLASS 12 Volume 1 Chapters 1. Electric Charges and Fields – Introduction – Electric Charge – Conductors and Insulators – Basic Properties of Electric Charge – Coulomb’s Law – Forces Between Multiple Charges – Electric Field – Electric Field Lines – Electric Flux – Electric Dipole – Dipole in a Uniform External Field – Continuous Charge Distribution – Gauss’s Law – Applications of Gauss’s Law 2. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance – Introduction – Electrostatic Potential – Potential due to a Point Charge – Potential due to an Electric Dipole – Potential due to a System of Charges – Equipotential Surfaces – Potential Energy of a System of Charges – Potential Energy in an External Field – Electrostatics of Conductors – Dielectrics and Polarisation – Capacitors and Capacitance – The Parallel Plate Capacitor – Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance – Combination of Capacitors – Energy Stored in a Capacitor 3. Current Electricity – Introduction – Electric Current – Electric Currents in Conductors – Ohm’s Law – Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity – Limitations of Ohm’s Law – Resistivity of Various Materials – Temperature Dependence of Resistivity – Electric Energy, Power – Cells, EMF, Internal Resistance – Cells in Series and in Parallel – Kirchhoff’s Rules – Wheatstone Bridge 4. Moving Charges and Magnetism – Introduction – Magnetic Force – Motion in a Magnetic Field – Magnetic field due to a Current Element, Biot-Savart Law – Magnetic Field on the Axis of a Circular Current Loop – Ampere’s Circuital Law – The Solenoid – Force Between Two Parallel Currents, The Ampere – Torque on Current Loop, Magnetic Dipole – The Moving Coil Galvanometer 5. Magnetism and Matter – Introduction – The Bar Magnet – Magnetism and Gauss’s Law – Magnetisation and Magnetic Intensity – Magnetic Properties of Materials 6. Electromagnetic Induction – Introduction – The Experiments of Faraday and Henry – Magnetic Flux – Faraday’s Law of Induction – Lenz’s Law and Conservation of Energy – Motional Electromotive Force – Inductance – AC Generator 7. Alternating Current – Introduction – A C Voltage Applied to a Resistor – Representation of AC Current and Voltage by Rotating Vectors – Phasors – AC Voltage Applied to an Inductor – AC Voltage Applied to a Capacitor – AC Voltage Applied to a Series LCR Circuit – Power in AC Circuit : The Power Factor – Transformers 8. Electromagnetic Waves – Introduction – Displacement Current – Electromagnetic Waves – Electromagnetic Spectrum   CLASS 12 Volume 2 Chapters 9. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments – Introduction – Reflection of Light by Spherical Mirrors – Refraction – Total Internal Reflection – Refraction at Spherical Surfaces and by Lenses – Refraction through a Prism – Optical Instruments 10. Wave Optics – Introduction – Huygens Principle – Refraction and Reflection of Plane Waves Using Huygens Principle – Coherent and Incoherent Addition of Waves – Interference of Light Waves and Young’s Experiment – Diffraction 11. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter – Introduction – Electron Emission – Photoelectric Effect – Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect – Photoelectric Effect and Wave Theory of Light – Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation : Energy Quantum of Radiation – Particle Nature of Light : The Photon – Wave Nature of Matter 12. Atoms – Introduction – Alpha-Particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model of Atom – Atomic Spectra – Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom – The Line Spectra of the Hydrogen Atom – de-Broglie’s Explanation of Bohr’s Second Postulate of Quantisation 13. Nuclei – Introduction – Atomic Masses and Composition of Nucleus – Size of the Nucleus – Mass-Energy and Nuclear Binding Energy – Nuclear Force – Nuclear Energy 14. Semiconductor Electronics : Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits – Introduction – Classification of Metals, Conductors and Semiconductors – Intrinsic Semiconductor – Extrinsic Semiconductor – p-n Junction – Semiconductor Diode – Application of Junction Diode as a Rectifier
ISBN13 9789360235208
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 140
Classes Class 12
Exams CBSE Boards
Subjects Physics
Weight 300gm

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