Class-7-Integrated Learning Grammar And Composition with NEP Guidelines


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This book comprises easy-to-understand text with attractive images for an easy grasp of concepts and lessons while following the NEP guidelines. Grammar rules and concepts followed by interactive and age-appropriate exercises are well-defined. Multiple exercises, worksheets, and test papers are provided in the book to assist the students to sharpen their abilities and get familiar with the ideas in an intricate way. Each chapter is isolated into different sections specifically, Lets Revise, Let’s Observe, Let’s Learn, Let’s Link, Let’s Remember, Let’s Apply, and Let’s Have Fun and all these are helpful in explaining the grammatical concepts in a better way.


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MTG’s Integrated Learning Grammar and Composition with NEP Guidelines is a classified series of English Grammar books for Classes 1 to 8. This series is designed to strengthen the concept of English grammar with an interactive approach. This series has been developed to divulge English grammar along with vocabulary enrichment and comprehension and enable the students to increase their proficiency and confidence level. The books in this series contain a good number of worksheets and test papers for practice. Each chapter is explained with applications of real-life scenarios as per the NEP 2020 which helps the learner to grasp English grammar and its applications strongly.

The naming of the sections is also done intentionally so that students can connect themselves with the book.

  • Let’s Revive section helps in recalling the concept previously learned.
  • Let’s Observe – A special section designed to create the foundation for the topic by giving examples.
  • Let’s Learn – Consolidates the concept and explains the topic with proper examples and illustrations which helps in clearing up the doubts completely.
  • Let’s Link section elaborate the topic in length with more examples.
  • Let’s Remember reminds the usage of rules to avoid error or confusion on certain topics.
  • Let’s Apply – a section of varied logical exercises to test the knowledge about the concept with different level of challenges.
  • Let’s Have Fun is to gain mastery over the concept by doing interesting group activities and fun games.460
Table of Content: 1. The Sentence 2. Nouns: Kinds, Numbers and Case 3. Pronouns 4. Adjectives 5. Determiners 6. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 7. Finite and Non-finite Verbs 8. Modals 9. Present Tense 10. Past Tense 11. Future Tense 12. Subject-Verb Agreement 13. Adverbs 14. Prepositions 15. Conjunctions 16. Punctuation 17. Question Tags 18. Phrases 19. Clauses 20. Sentences: Simple, Compound and Complex 21. Active and Passive Voice 22. Direct and Indirect Speech 23. Vocabulary Development 24. Comprehension Practice 25. Writing Skills
ISBN13 9789355553744
Edition 2023-24
Pages 212
Classes Class 7
Exams School Books
Subjects English
Weight 460gm


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