Class 7-Rachika Hindi Vyakaran with NEP Guidelines


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This Hindi book consist of easy-to-understand language with attractive and interactive illustrations to peak students’ interests. The book strictly follows NEP 2020 guidelines and is curated to thoroughly teach Hindi Vyakran. The book even explains Hindi grammar rules and language script using illustrative conversations between friends and with teachers in classroom. It has detailed theory, examples, multiple exercises, worksheets, and interactive questions. The main objective of this book is to strengthen children’s Hindi Vyakran.

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Rachika Hindi Vyakran by MTG has been curated by Hindi experts to make children an expert as well. The goal is to strengthen their Hindi grammar concepts to the core with interactive and attractive knowledge to peak their interest. This book strictly follows NEP 2020 guidelines and provides amazing detailed theory on all Hindi concepts. Salient features of the book –

  • Detailed and interactive theory to thoroughly explain Hindi Vykaran.
  • Use of attractive illustrative conversations to teach Hindi grammar concepts.
  • Examples, Tables, multiple exercise questions, and worksheets for practice.
  • Quick revision box summarizing the things taught in that chapter.
  • Interactive question at the end of each chapter as an assignment.
  • Teaches language, spellings, vocabulary, synonyms, adjectives, verbs, tenses, adverbs, preposition, conjunction, and much more.
  • Improves writing skills via multiple chapters on writing techniques and formats.
ISBN13 9789355554178
Edition 2023-24
Pages 228
Classes Class 7
Exams School Books
Subjects Hindi
Weight 470gm

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