NCERT Textbook + Exemplar Problems Solutions Science-Class 6


NCERT Textbook + Exemplar Problem Solutions is a completely solved book comprises of solutions of all the MCQ, VSA, SA and LA given in NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar book. This book is a unique source for self-practice. Easy to understand solutions are derived by experts having an experience of more than a decade in their field, helps the students to practice more and learn better.

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MTG’s NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Solutions – Science is an excellent book designed to provide a comprehensive guide to NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar Problems of Science for Class VI students. This book provides a detailed explanation to all subjective and objective type questions given in both NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar Problems book. This is an error free and ‘Self-study’ book to master the concepts in Mathematics.

This book aims to give the best solutions and help the students to score high in school examinations as well as to build a strong foundation for Olympiads and competitive exams like PMTs.

Table of Content :
  • 1. Food : Where Does It Come From?
  • 2. Components of Food
  • 3. Fibre to Fabric
  • 4. Sorting  Materials into Groups
  • 5. Separation of Substances
  • 6. Changes Around Us
  • 7. Getting to Know Plants
  • 8. Body Movements
  • 9. The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
  • 10. Motion and Measurement of Distances
  • 11. Light, Shadows and Reflections
  • 12. Electricity and Circuits
  • 13. Fun with Magnets
  • 14. Water
  • 15. Air Around us
  • 16. Garbage in, Garbage out
ISBN11 9789389167542
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2019-20
Pages 84
Classes Class 6
Exams School Books
Subjects Science
Weight 100gm


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