Bright An Integrated Semester Series -Semester -2 Class 5


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MTG’s Bright is an integrated semester series, exclusively designed on the NCF 2005 and primarily focused on these core subjects viz’ English, Science, Mathematics, Social studies, and General Knowledge. Every subject is supported with illustrations, activities, flow charts, etc. A wide range of exercises comprising of value-based question, skill-based questions and HOTS questions are given to develop logical thinking and reasoning among students. The book also has a set of worksheets and tests for thorough revision and evaluation.

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MTG’s Bright is an integrated semester series for Class 1 to 5. The objective of this series is to equip students with sound knowledge of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies collectively with proper illustrations, activities, table and flow charts. It reduces the bulk of school bags and allows the students to enjoy their learning without feeling any burden. A section of General Knowledge has also been included in all the books to create awareness among learners. The series comprises of 2 books per class – one book for each semester. It complies with the guideline of National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Value based questions and life skill questions are included in the series to enhance the values, problem-solving and life related skills among the students. The key features of the series include the following:

  • The series is designed with keeping in mind the age group of the students, so that they can learn at their own pace.
  • Classified assessment exercise for thorough revision and evaluation.
  • It contains variety of exercises for revision and practice.
  • HOTS questions are included to enhance learning and reasoning skills of the learner.
  • Well-planned hands-on activities, assignments, projects and experiments are provided with the idea that education is not just learning of facts but the training of mind to think.
Table of Content:-
  • English
  • 7. The Lady with the Lamp
  • 8. The Blind Poet
  •     Daisies
  • 9. Angus, the Tartan Goat
  •     Worksheet
  • 10. Ajit and Alka go to a Concert
  •      The Four Friends
  • 11. In the Parsonage of Upper Wood
  • 12. How the Rhinoceros got his Skin
  •       Young Night Thought
  •       Worksheet
  •       Fun and Play Scope: 2
  •       Test Scope: 2
  •       Listening Text
  • Maths
  • 8. Geometry
  • 9. Perimeter, Area and Volume
  • 10. Measurement
  • 11. Time
  •       Worksheet
  • 12. Money
  • 13. Symmetry and Patterns
  • 14. Data Handling
  •       Worksheet
  • Science
  • 7. Matter
  • 8. Rocks, Minerals and Soil
  • 9. Force, Energy and Simple Machines
  •     Check Yourself
  • 10. Air and Water
  • 11. Sun, Moon and Planets
  • 12. Natural Disasters
  • 13. Environmental Issues
  •       Check Yourself
  •       Worksheet
  • Social Studies
  • 10. Conquering Distances
  • 11. Living Healthier
  • 12. They Make Us Proud
  •       Worksheets
  • 13. The British Rule and Towards Freedom
  • 14. India Wins Freedom
  • 15. Governing Ourselves
  • 16. The United Nations
  •       Worksheets
  •       Semester Worksheets
  • GK
  • 6. Sports World
  • 7. Mother Nature
  • 8. India, My Country
  • 9. Language and Literature
  • 10. Life Skills
  •      Worksheet
  •      Answers
  •      Latest Updates
ISBN13 9789355556769
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 468
Classes Class 5
Exams School Books
Subjects English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Weight 980gm


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