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MTG’s IMO Olympiad Prep-Guide is an Olympiad preparatory book uniquely designed to assist the students who are aspiring to sit for SOF- International Mathematics Olympiad exam session 2022-23. The Olympiad Prep Guide for Mathematics eloquently covers all that you need to study for levels 1 & 2 SOF- Mathematics Olympiad. The book is the best source to enhance a student’s understanding of Mathematical concepts and exceptions with the help of explanatory examples and exercises. To familiarize you with the latest exam trends, the latest 2021 papers have been inculcated in a chapter-wise manner.


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Specially designed to help the Olympiad aspirants, Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics is a one-stop solution to fulfil all your requirements for IMO (levels 1 & 2). The Olympiad Prep-guide series helps the students attain a better understanding and master their grasp of Mathematics concepts. The books will enhance the knowledge of Mathematical concepts and exceptions with the help of examples and various exercises.
The book covers a detailed theory at a class-wise level enriched with pictures, tables, and examples. Olympiad Bite provides unique facts and extra bits related to the concepts. Self-tests are provided to track your progress whereas, the Exercises are incorporated with a variety of questions to instil a large scope for practice. Achiever’s Section in each Olympiad Prep-Guide develops analytical and application skills. IMO Level 1 and Level 2 chapter-wise questions & Two Model Test Papers are included to familiarize the students with the latest SOF-International Mathematics Olympiad trends. Answer Key is provided with each chapter for the self-evaluation after taking practice tests.

Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1 : Number Sense
  • Chapter 2 : Computation Operations
  • Chapter 3 : Fractions
  • Chapter 4 : Length, Weight, Capacity, Time and Money
  • Chapter 5 : Geometry
  • Chapter 6 : Data Handling
  • SOF-IMO Model Test Paper-1
  • SOF-IMO Model Test Paper-2
ISBN11 9789355551863
Author Mtg Editorial Board
Edition 2022-23
Pages 104
Classes Class 4
Exams Olympiads
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 200gm


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