Class 4 Maths Practice-cum-Workbook with NEP Guidelines


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Mathematics Practice-cum-workbook is a self-practice book that helps students improve their problem-solving skills. The book fully supports activity-based learning in accordance with the NCF 2005 and NEP 2020 guidelines. It covers the entire curriculum and assists students in relating topics to real-life examples. The book contains a variety of exercises such as Word Fun, Crossword, Tick the Correct Option, Fun Based Activities, and Challenges that will divert students’ attention away from rote learning and engage them in light and enjoyable activities.

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Practice-cum The Workbooks series for grades 1–8 emphasizes activity-based and comprehension-driven learning. It includes a comprehensive set of questions structured with progressively increasing levels of difficulty, giving learners ample opportunity to apply combinations and skills. The book strictly follows the NEP 2020 guidelines. Smart Features include:

  • Riddle Time – riddles based on the learner’s understanding of the concepts that will stimulate thinking ability.
  • Word Fun – application-based questions to implement the concepts learned.
  • Crossword – grid puzzle with clues that help learners to understand terminologies and concepts being used.
  • Tick (ü) – MCQs to increase elimination-selection skills in learners.
  • Fun Based Activity – mazes, games, and coloring activities to learn with fun.
  • Challenge – complex questions that require an in-depth understanding of concepts.
  • Quick Answers – fundamental questions that will help learners to calculate fast and find crisp solutions.
Table of content :
  • 1. Number System
  • 2. Addition
  • 3. Subtraction
  • 4. Multiplication
  • 5. Division
  • 6. Factors And Multiples
  • 7. Understanding Fractions
  • 8. Lines and Angles
  • 9. Perimeter and Area
  • 10. Measurements
  • 11. Time
  • 12. Patterns and Symmetry
  • 13. Data Handling
  • 14. Money
ISBN13 9789355551160
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 84
Classes Class 4
Exams Olympiads, Olympiads Level 1
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 140gm


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