Score More Case Study Chapter wise Practice Questions Biology Class-12

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ScoreMore Case Study Chapter-wise Practice Questions Biology Class-12 is curated with 750+ Chapter-wise MCQs related to Case study/ Passage based and Assertion & Reason with hints and explanations based on latest pattern of CBSE (2020-2021).

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MTG ScoreMore Case Study Based Sample Questions Biology Class 12 is specially designed to help students get familiar with solving these new patterns of questions. The book covers 750 + sample questions for practice with detailed explanations to each question. Practising these questions will definitely help students to get an edge in their CBSE preparations.

For the academic year 2020-21 CBSE has incorporated more Objective type/MCQ based questions which will focus on measuring critical thinking ability of students.

The new pattern of questions includes Case study based questions, Passage based questions, Assertion and Reason type questions. In Case study based/ Passage based questions, students will be expected to answer questions after reading a given paragraph or a passage. Assertion and Reason type question is just another way of checking the clarity of one’s concept.

Table Of Contents:-
  • 1. Reproduction in Organisms*
  • 2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  • 3. Human Reproduction
  • 4. Reproductive Health
  • 5. Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  • 6. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • 7. Evolution*
  • 8. Human Health and Diseases
  • 9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production*
  • 10. Microbes in Human Welfare
  • 11. Biotechnology : Principles and Processes
  • 12. Biotechnology and its Applications
  • 13. Organisms and Populations
  • 14. Ecosystem*
  • 15. Biodiversity and its Conservation
  • 16. Environmental Issues*
  • *This chapter is not a part of the Board Examination 2020-21 syllabus
ISBN13 9789390801572
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2020-21
Pages 144
Classes Class 12
Exams CBSE Boards, CUET
Subjects Biology
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