MTG CBSE Chapterwise Instant Notes Class 11 Physics – Quick Recap Notes and Complete Coverage of Latest CBSE Syllabus 2024


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MTG presents a new resource to help CBSE board students with this masterpiece – Chapterwise Instant Notes. This book is the best revision resource for CBSE students as it has instant chapter-wise notes for complete latest CBSE syllabus. The book comprises chapter-wise quick recap notes and then a lot of subjective questions which covers the whole chapter in the form of these questions.

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The all new CBSE resource – Chapterwise Instant Notes is based on the new, revised and rationalized CBSE syllabus. This book ensures that CBSE students have the perfect revision material right by their side. After preparing the whole chapter and finishing the practice, it’s not possible and nor is it feasible for students to go through the whole chapter again in the name of revision. Therefore, it’s best if they stick to a small book that provides them quick revision whenever they want.

  • Quick recap notes in each chapter.
  • Complete chapter presented in the form of subjective questions.
  • Complete coverage of the latest CBSE syllabus.
  • The long questions and answers cover the whole chapter in a thorough manner.
Table of Content:- CLASS 11 Volume 1 Chapters 1. Units and Measurements – Introduction – The International System of Units – Significant Figures – Dimensions of Physical Quantities – Dimensional Formulae and Dimensional Equations – Dimensional Analysis and its Applications 2. Motion in a Straight Line – Introduction – Position, Path Length and Displacement – Instantaneous Velocity and Speed – Acceleration – Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion 3. Motion in a Plane – Introduction – Scalars and Vectors – Multiplication of Vectors by Real Numbers – Addition and Subtraction of Vectors – Graphical Method – Resolution of Vectors – Vector Addition-Analytical method – Motion in a Plane – Motion in a Plane with Constant Acceleration – Projectile Motion – Uniform Circular Motion 4. Laws of Motion – Introduction – Aristotle’s Fallacy – The Law of Inertia – Newton’s First Law of Motion – Newton’s Second Law of Motion – Newton’s Third Law of Motion – Conservation of Momentum – Equilibrium of a Particle – Common Forces in Mechanics – Circular Motion – Solving Problems in Mechanics 5. Work, Energy and Power – Introduction – Notions of Work and Kinetic Energy : The Work-Energy Theorem – Work – Kinetic Energy – Work done by a Variable Force – The Work-Energy Theorem for a Variable Force – The Concept of Potential Energy – The Conservation of Mechanical Energy – The Potential Energy of a Spring – Power – Collisions 6. Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion – Introduction – Centre of Mass – Motion of Centre of Mass – Linear Momentum of a System of Particles – Vector Product of Two Vectors – Angular Velocity and its Relation with Linear Velocity – Torque and Angular Momentum – Equilibrium of a Rigid Body – Moment of Inertia – Kinematics of Rotational Motion About a Fixed Axis – Dynamics of Rotational Motion About a Fixed Axis – Angular Momentum in Case of Rotations About a Fixed Axis 7. Gravitation – Introduction – Kepler’s Laws – Universal Law of Gravitation – The Gravitational Constant – Acceleration Due to Gravity of the Earth – Acceleration Due to Gravity Below and Above the Surface of Earth – Gravitational Potential Energy – Escape Speed – Earth Satellites – Energy of an Orbiting Satellite CLASS 11 Volume 2 Chapters 8. Mechanical Properties of Solids – Introduction – Elastic Behaviour of Solids – Stress and Strain – Hooke’s Law – Stress-Strain Curve – Elastic Moduli – A pplications of Elastic Behaviour of Materials 9. Mechanical Properties of Fluids – Introduction – Pressure – Streamline Flow – Bernoulli’s Principle – Viscosity – Surface Tension 10. Thermal Properties of Matter – Introduction – Temperature and Heat – Measurement of Temperature – Ideal-Gas Equation and Absolute Temperature – Thermal Expansion – Specific Heat Capacity – Calorimetry – Change of State – Heat Transfer – Newton’s Law of Cooling 11. Thermodynamics – Introduction – Thermal Equilibrium – Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics – Heat, Internal Energy and Work – First Law of Thermodynamics – Specific Heat Capacity – Thermodynamic State Variables and Equation of State – Thermodynamic Processes – Second Law of Thermodynamics – Reversible and Irreversible Processes – Carnot Engine 12. Kinetic Theory – Introduction – Molecular Nature of Matter – Behaviour of Gases – Kinetic Theory of an Ideal Gas – Law of Equipartition of Energy – Specific Heat Capacity – Mean Free Path 13. Oscillations – Introduction – Periodic and Oscillatory Motions – Simple Harmonic Motion – Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion – Velocity and Acceleration in Simple Harmonic Motion – Force Law for Simple Harmonic Motion – Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion – The Simple Pendulum 14. Waves – Introduction – Transverse and Longitudinal Waves – Displacement Relation in a Progressive Wave – The Speed of a Travelling Wave – The Principle of Superposition of Waves – Reflection of Waves – Beats
ISBN11 9789360234782
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 152
Classes Class 11
Exams CBSE Boards
Subjects Physics
Weight 300gm

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